January 1, 2015

The best means to stop collection calls is to cooperate with SourceRM in satisfying your balance permanently.

Otherwise, the FDCPA provides specific guidelines for collectors should you request a “cease communication”. A debt collector must stop communicating with you if you send the collector a letter in writing that either (a) advises the collector to cease communication with you or (b) states that you refuse to pay the debt.If you wish to advise the collector to cease communicating with you, you must send the request directly to the collector and not the creditor. Remember, the request to cease communication must be in writing.Also, once the debt collector receives your request to cease communication, the collector must also cease communication with your spouse, parent (if consumer is a minor), guardian, executor or administrator.Once the debt collector receives the letter, the collector may not communicate with you with respect to the debt in question, except to: (1) tell you the collector is stopping all collection efforts; (2) tell you the collector or creditor may invoke specified remedies (such as filing a lawsuit) that the collector or creditor normally invokes; or (3) where applicable, tell you the collector or creditor intends to invoke a specified remedy (such as filing a lawsuit).

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